Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gender Reveal! Other Randomness.

Hello all!

As always I will start my blog post with the reference that I haven't posted in a while, because, you know, I haven't!

Now, since that is out of the way, I want to make way for more important information that I will bringing to you today. The main thing being the gender reveal for the twins that are in Pauline's womb currently. This is mainly due to my readers that are not friends with me on Facebook, because I know there are a few out there!

Without further ado, I will let the pictures do the talking, but in case the pictures aren't clear enough, I'll reference the information after as well.

Two more boys!!! The Game of Life® car has two more boys in the back, the shoes and ultra sound pictures are boy related (football and baseball shoes), Benson is trying to hold up two powder blue outfits for his brothers, and the last picture he has two blue fruit loops in his mouth.

Speaking of the twins, as they relate to this blog, the issue I have now, is that technically when they are born, I will no longer be a "First time daddy," and instead will be a second and third time daddy. Because of that, to have a proper Blog, I would assume I need to have the website named correctly to remain grammatically accurate, however, for those of you who have this current link saved (I know there are so many of you...) how would you know to go to my new link? This is a semi-joking question, but I suppose the final solution would be to create a link from this current blog to my new blog in what will be the final blog post of this blog, crisis averted. Hot off the presses, here is a recent pic of the two of them! Little blurry and sideways, but they both have a similar pose in the picture.

As mentioned in my prior post, we got a new car, Benson and I have already had a lot of fun watching Frozen in the back, in fact he is currently obsessed with the song "Let it Go," likely because one of the words he knows and says very clearly is "Go," as you can imagine, he loves to try to sing along! But overall we love the new car, there have been some minor tire issues that we have addressed and the gas mileage is nowhere near how it was in our car, but it is going to be wonderful for our growing family!

Benson has had a pretty busy summer, whether it be dancing at weddings (links to YouTube to follow), going to the beach, or just chillin' at home, this kid has the summer lifestyle down! We recently attended, along with Benson, a wedding for Emily and Tyler Sander, the wedding was amazing and Benson was able to get his dance on all night!

Not sure how good the quality of those videos will be, but if they are terrible feel free to find them on directly

As stated before, Benson loves the beach this summer. He, Pauline, and Pauline's friend Lindsay have gone several times and I don't know that I have heard of them having a bad trip so far! They have also ventured to other places in the Minneapolis area, all while I am slaving away at work! ;)

Ok, I was able to make one of the beach trips... haha.

I will leave you with a smorgasbord of pictures like I always do, but I wanted to leave you also with some encouraging words. Recently our family has been going through some struggles that have been very trying and very difficult. We attributed this to selfishness on my part and my lack of reliance on God as a whole in my life. Because of the struggle, as a family we prayed and re-dedicated ourselves to Jesus Christ. Shortly after we did that, we didn't see much improvement with the struggle, apart from our focus on communication with each other and our commitment to be in God's Word. Just recently, however, we have seen the true sovereignty of God and what seemed to be an insurmountable issue has become something that is definitely manageable, but only because of our prayer and commitment, as well as the prayers of our family members. It will still be a constant commitment to make sure we are fully relying on God, but I am thankful that He has given me the opportunity to do so and didn't disown me in my selfishness. God is sooooooo good, there is no denying that in my life!

As promised here are the random pictures that are mostly duplicates of Facebook, but here they are all in one place!

Recent picnic with my co-workers from Ameriprise, we had such a great time, Benson loved running around and all the food!

Recently the exchange student my parents had from Norway came back to visit for the summer and we recreated a photo from last summer. After dinner we went for ice cream where Benson has his first cone.

Can't forget about our other "kid" who recently turned 1, this is how he spent his birthday, away from anything that my terrorize him, which was short lived.
The rest are random other Benson happenings that I didn't document from my last post till this post, so here they are!

As always, God bless and have a great rest of the summer!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Love

Good morrow Blog reading patrons!

Quick poll to gauge where I want to go with this Blog for future posts, comment below if you are so inclined to vote, here is the question or rather the two options:

Should I continue posting (roughly) once or twice a month and have really long posts like this one?


Should I write several posts a week, keeping in mind that they will likely be very short?

The thought behind the second option is that I can get myself to wrap my head around a short post every few days, whereas, currently, I have the thought that I need to write The Iliad and The Odyssey every time I sit down to write a post. Not that I am comparing myself to Homer, I'm not that great!

Today is a day of nostalgia for me since I plan on attending the Fridley 49ers Parade with Benson. For any who might read this that don't know about the parade, it is basically the city of Fridley's annual celebration of the year it was founded. I'm surprised I didn't post about it last year to be honest since I ran before the parade for the first time (and did awful...)! For some reason I can't remember my first memories of going to the parade, but I do remember scattered memories from all parades past.

Whether it was biking around with friends during the parade, going to the carnival after the parade or just sitting with my parents and grandparents, there are so many fond memories of parades past. Here are a couple of my favorite memories from parades past (may have to find some old pics as well which will be perfect for TBT [throw back Thursday]):

1. I still remember when our Goddaughter, Sabrina, was a bit younger, Pauline and I were adventurous enough to take her to the parade by ourselves! She was a little shy to us and it was hard to tell whether she was having any fun or not, but by the end of the parade it at least seemed like she was having a good time!

2. Another great time was when I was part of the parade! Well, kind of. Pauline and I got the great honor of chauffeuring around (at the time) Princess Christa Niznik, who later became Queen (Fridley Ambassadors program), not saying it was because we chauffeured her, but I'm not saying it wasn't...

3. There were so many other great memories, but my favorite had to be last year, running in the parade and then spending time watching Benson watch the parade, as well as seeing people from my youth and showing them how lucky I am to have a son in my life now!

So if you plan on being at the parade (those of you who live here), maybe I will see you there!

Okay, that was my nostalgic semi-rant about the parade.

I wanted to reiterate my excitement and joy that came from my wife's efforts the last few days. Some of you may have seen my post this morning on Facebook referencing how proud I was of my wife for what she did. What I was referring to was her awesome research and negotiating skills in getting us a new car (not a van which she was adamant about!) The car she picked out is pretty awesome and has the third row we need for the upcoming twins in November. It's a Saturn Outlook, equipped with a bunch of extras that will make driving twins and a 2 year old a joy! Here are some pictures of the outside, looks pretty good for a 2007!:

It has a little bit more swagger than a minivan which I appreciate and will hopefully last us for years to come! We pick it up on Friday morning, so I am pretty pumped about that!

As I look forward to this weekend, I can't help but praise God for all of the wonderful things in my life. My wife, my son, my future twins, my job, my opportunities at my job, my family, my small group, my friends, my co-workers, my health, my home, my car, so many other things that I can't think of, all thanks to my living relationship with Jesus Christ, I can truly say that he has blessed my path, and although I'm a sinful man and screw up my fair share, even still today, I know that I can return to my Savior and He will forever have my back in this life and the next.

In conclusion I want to highlight some exciting upcoming events in the next couple weeks. One is the wedding we are attending tomorrow for our friends Tyler and Emily, so excited for that! Another is on July 8th we find out what our little twinkies are (if they let us), boy/boy, girl/girl, boy/girl, we will hopefully know at that time. I can't promise we will let everyone know right away, but I do promise I will have a blog post about it, sometime soon after!

With that I leave you with these things, more pictures! Most are on Facebook, some are not, most are pretty random. Enjoy!

Thanks as always for reading and God Bless!